Danger Room VR

Danger Room VR is a short and frenetic VR game. Players will have to master their reflexes and skills to reach the goal: try to collect as many knowledge balls as possible, while avoiding the multiple traps awaiting you.


Danger Room was developed for the Polytechnical University of Catalonia, and was exhibited at the «Saló del ensenyament» in march 2017, where more than 2000 visitors played it. It is now available for the first time, completely free, for the Steam community.

Fast and intense action.
Fully immersive fun.
Four deadly traps.
3 different PowerUps: bullet time, supershot and weapon shield.
You can autofire, but try not to overheat your laser gun.
The more knowledge balls you get, the more hardcore the game becomes.
Try to get all 9 balls and challenge your friends to uncover their best moves in VR!

Game Design: Marc Ripoll and Lasse Loepfe
Artwork: Marc Ripoll and Marc Pérez
Coding: Lasse Loepfe

Gameplay Trailer