Quantum Shock is a sci-fi horror tabletop game with gorgeous miniatures.
It combines shifting dimensions, time travel, skills progression, item crafting and strategic combat game mechanics to offer a tense and fun cooperative experience for 1-4 players.

Kickstarter Pre-launch:

“The year is 1989 and I’m home… again.”

Horror & Scifi with miniatures

Quantum Shock is a perfect mix between the horror atmosphere coming from weird unknown dimensions full of creepy creatures and the sci-fi amazement of controlling time and space, while discovering mind blowing technology that surpasses human imagination.

The game creates a disturbing atmosphere where exploration is essential, playing with the excitement of venturing into new worlds, full of dangers and mystery.

Characters evolve through interaction with the environment and with other characters, shaping their own story and one of the many possible outcomes.

Quantum Shock comes with highly detailed and unique miniatures, including massive bosses, sculpted with extra care to detail and production needs.
Not just beautiful renders here, but production proved miniatures that will help the future manufacturing of the game.

Prototype miniatures


Many creatures can be found inhabiting the other dimensions parallel to our reality. The more a player ventures into the unknown, the weirdest these creatures are going to become. And dangerous!

Some of these creatures represent concepts, like violence, science, religion… finding out what they are and why they are here, is one of the main objectives of the main characters. Knowing their secrets is going to be key, if they want to return home safe.


The quantum abilities of the main characters let them manipulate time at will. Playing with time implies some dangers, but also some benefits.

Going back in time can allow players to delay certain game objectives and also gain some advantage when in combat. However, if a character goes too far, there’s a chance to be lost in time.

On the other side, traveling to the future offers some strategic options, for example, moving through the map, as creatures from the past cannot enter a space existing in the future. Let me introduce you the concept of “time barricade” 😀

Time control panel

Modular Tiles

Players add new tiles to the map when they want to advance to new locations. So, the environment is different each time a mission is played, while also maintaining that sense of wonder, danger and mystery when exploring the different locations of the game.

Tiles are modular and can be placed facing any side of the squared 10×10 cm tile. A group of tiles represent a unique environment inside the game. The core game comes with 2 main locations: the secret lab and the abandoned mansion (a total of 40 unique tiles), but more can be added trough expansions.

Switch dimensions

Here comes the fun part, because each tile is double sided, and each side is different, with its own rules and events. One side represents the real world and the other side represents the new dimension.

Tiles can be flipped when characters perform a specific action inside. But Players can also flip a tile using their quantum skills, switching dimensions at will.

Places inside the new dimension are usually much more dangerous, but can hide secrets and items well worth the risk.


Using their quantum skills, characters can create dimensional portals and jump between them. This allows players to quickly move their characters through the map tiles if needed. Creating these portals use quantum energy, managed through the dimensional bar in the main character sheet.

Characters also have the ability to jump without portals, but this is a dangerous movement, as they never know where they are going to land. When performed, a “blind jump” creates a new fragment of reality, represented by a new map tile disconnected from the rest. This can lead to a fatal outcome or maybe save the day.

Blue or red?

The Dimensional Bar

The quantum abilities of the characters are managed by the dimensional bar. Channeling this energy towards the characters reality (blue), they get some special skills related with science and control. But if they go to the opposite direction, and play with unknown energies from the new dimension (red), they can get completely different skills.

Either way, when the bar is full, characters can control and distort time and space, and even discharge the whole bar, releasing the accumulated quantum energy and performing devastating attacks.

The Quantum Suit

Main characters can use their special abilities to play with time and space, but power without control is useless. The Quantum Suit, developed by Quantum Technologies, allows them to channel their skills thanks to the advanced computer A.I. system inside.


Introducing N.A.N.N.Y., the revolutionary and patented A.I. system by Quantum Technologies. N.A.N.N.Y. is the computer AI included inside Quantum Suits and its main mission is to protect the humans wearing them, even if that’s not necessarily good news for the players. But remember, in this place, nanny knows best.

Here, players can find the technology deck. They can acquire data cards spending XP and use them to upgrade the Quantum suit, unlocking new abilities and narrative information.

Next gen cassette technology. Rewind before using.


But N.A.N.N.Y. is a child’s toy compared to the facilities’ main computer, controlled by a complex artificial intelligence called M.O.T.H.E.R. Players can ask her whatever they want, but some of the answers may not make any sense to them, at least until they can improve their intelligence factor during the campaign and start unveiling the secrets inside its quantum core.

M.O.T.H.E.R. is also the responsible to show the players the possible events of the game, as «she» is monitoring the Quantum Technologies facilities and the ongoing anomalies.

Some game events.

Secondary characters

Interaction with secondary characters is the key to gather information and find the correct answers to complete each mission with success. Once players locate a secondary character, they can ask questions or perform special actions. For example, the computer engineer can unlock doors, provide passwords or hack systems, and the medic can create special pills to recover life or power up combat skills.

However, secondary characters can die, so it’s important to protect them, or players can lose these advantages.

The security guard, the biologist, the computer engineer and the priest.


During conversations with secondary characters, some of the available questions are locked based on the intelligence factor of the main character. Also, conversations are different in each mission of the campaign, meaning that it’s impossible to get all the information the first time characters meet, expanding the replayability of the game.

Last but not least, the conversations available for each secondary character are going to change depending on the dimension we find them. That means that the information we can get from the same character, but from different dimensions, can lead players into different strategies or storylines and into different endings.

Talk with them, they can help you.


You will find Dr. Kowalski in the Medic lab, she’s always working.
I couldn’t believe how lucky I was when I found out that we were going to work together. She’s a legend in her field, an inspiration for us all.

That bitch! Don’t trust her. She’s a liar! She is going to doom us all.
Go to the Bio-lab and use this disk. You’ll see…  then you’ll understand.

Not sure if I want to trust her…


Exploring new places is just part of the fun, because looking for useful items hidden there will become second nature once the characters encounter the dangerous creatures lurking in the shadows. Players can find healing objects, pieces of information, weapons and weird experimental gadgets. And even otherworldly items, when exploration takes place inside the new dimensions.

However, exploring new places can be risky, as characters can trigger deadly events or encounter hungry creatures.

Surveillance cam#1


All items can be combined, linking their item cards in the main character sheet, with up to four available spaces. When characters combine items, they can create new and powerful gadgets. These new gadgets can be used as weapons, as defensive objects or can be used to interact with the environment in new creative ways.

Item cards have three kinds of connections: physical, elemental and quantum. Just some connections are unlocked in each item, and quantum connections are the weirdest and most powerful of them.

Standard items.

Combat system

Combat is managed by a mix of dice and combat cards and powered up by optional items and skills upgrades.

There are 3 different dice in Quantum Shock.

. Blue dice represent science and reality and are weaker but precise.
. Red dice represent the new dimension, where chaos and uncertainty reign, so they are more powerful but can result in a miss roll.
. Boss dice are used during boss encounters and determine certain events performed by enemies.

There are 2 card decks in Quantum Shock:

. Attack cards: attack movements with up to 3 levels of power.
. Defense cards: defense movements with up to 3 levels of effectiveness.

The number of cards a character can use and the power of these cards, is determined by the character current stats, mainly the combat, stealth and intelligence values. These values can be altered by special items or upgraded skills.

Quantum Kid performing a flying uppercut 😀


Combat is fun, but dangerous, sometimes deadly (for players). Hiding from creatures can be a better strategy. Using the stealth factor of the character, players can use the coverage areas in the map to avoid being detected by enemies.

A player hidden from creatures can easily escape to new map tiles, avoid being attacked or attack creatures with an extra bonus, thanks to the surprise factor.

You don’t want to face this thing without a proper training.

Experimental Pills

To maintain the quantum abilities balanced and control their powers, characters must take some pills from time to time. These experimental pills can be found when exploring or even manufactured by the drugs designer secondary character.

The standard pills can recover health or power up some skills, like combat or intelligence. However, there exist other rarest pills, more powerful and hard to find, with unknown  but astonishing effects. Look for them and unleash its power!

Feeling better…

Skill Tree

When they get the needed codes from M.O.T.H.ER., characters can adjust their DNA and acquire new skills. However, playing with your own genome is dangerous sometimes, and from time to time, characters are going to suffer some mutations.

The mutation deck of cards means no good news for the players, but it’s part of the fun.

A complex and gigantic skill tree is available for the players to evolve their characters during the campaign, as changes are stored between missions. However, something unique in the Quantum Shock skill tree is that it is a shared tree between characters, meaning than when played with more than one character, a skill in the tree can only be taken by one of them.

So, players must negotiate or fight for any specific skill they need or want.

Upgrading your character. Fun and necessary.

Boss encounters

There are great dangers inside the unknown dimension that engulf our reality. Ungodly beings beyond human imagination. Who knows what horrors can be found there?

Players will encounter massive special creatures during their campaign. That will lead to epic clashes where players will need to use all their wisdom and power to defeat those mighty menaces and uncover the mysteries behind their existence.

A mix of dice and combat cards is used during boss combat, but also a good use of the equipped items and improved skills may be needed if players want to stay alive.

Big is better.


Death is not the end, just a new beginning. After each death, players will lose a piece of their humanity, becoming something different, something… better. Of course, “better” in terms of the new dimension and its inhabitants.

However, don’t worry, there are ways to recover their humanity when a mission is accomplished. The question is: will they want it back?

Narrative Game

Quantum Shock is a deep narrative experience. The main story is guided through the campaign book, but the game is full of twists, secrets and subplots hidden in the many conversations with the secondary characters and events that players are going to face during their journey.

With lots of information to gather, storylines to discover and different endings to explore, each mission of the campaign have multiple layers that offer great replayability and new surprises.

Multiple endings

Depending on their actions, discoveries and conversations, players will take different routes through the storyline, uncover unique secrets and trigger events that will let to multiple endings. This offers high replayability to the game.


There are some expansions planned for Quantum Shock. These expansions add more creatures and new places and characters. Connecting with the events narrated in the core game, players will be able to discover exciting worlds and enjoy new adventures into the unknown.

The universe exposed in Quantum Shock is greatly expandable, not only by the creators, but for the game community. Players will be able to create new stories and let their imagination lose, while using the free templates available after the campaign, to compose their own adventures and characters.

Quantum App

Offered for free and completely optional (not required for gameplay), Quantum Shock will come to live with an amazing Quantum App. This PC and mobile application will improve the game experience, adding quick access to the rules, help guides, FAQs, but also the information in the campaign book, narration, conversations with NPCs, game saves, skill tree and even a random selection for cards or dice roll.

In the future, it can be upgraded with ambient sound and music, voice acting for the conversations and much more, depending on the project success and the community feedback.

Kickstarter love. Join us!


This is a true & pure Kickstarter project. Without the community help and support, Quantum Shock will never exist. We want to share the project with you, receive your feedback, grow with your enthusiasm and offer the best possible experience before, during and after the campaign. Because we understand that Kickstarter is about the whole experience, the journey we share. We’re committed to deliver a great game, with our experience, effort, and energy, but also with our great love to the boardgame world.

We’re confident of creating a new great game, for the boardgame community to enjoy.