Pandemonium is a survival horror tabletop game with awesome miniatures.
Fast turns, dynamic gameplay, easy setup, lots of combinations, different game modes, modular maps, high quality components… enter Pandemonium and fight for your soul!

Pandemonium is a cooperative game where teamwork is very important in order to meet the objectives and survive. We have created a book of narratively-interconnected stories proposing several objectives and different combinations in each game. In addition, several gameplay variants are suggested in order to approach the game from different perspectives.
For instance, in some adventures players will have to escape, while in others their objective will be to try and rescue a survivor, protect any given area, survive a Horde Mode or invoke and defeat Evil in a thrilling final battle.

On top of that, the game has a mixed mode where one of the players will control the Evil one and have to collect the souls of their unfortunate game mates. Pandemonium can be played in both a fully cooperative and a semi-cooperative game mode, not only the adventure book, but also the individual games.

Pandemonium takes the player to an unknown place inhabited by deadly creatures that will chase you relentlessly in an attempt to put an end to your life and devour your soul. Beginning as a typical horror story, the very foundations of this game pay tribute to the horror cinema from the 70s, 80s and 90s, borrowing their clichés and classic visual icons for a board game that is dynamic, agile, very entertaining and full of suspense, action and surprises.

The narrations included in the cards will help the story unfold and also give us some clues that can shed light as to why we find ourselves in this cursed place and how we can save ourselves.

2015 Kickstarter Trailer